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Surfer Board Guide

What is unique about the boards you shape? 

I believe that true success is marked by how well you identify with the individual surfer. By going on a journey of discovery I guess you could say with each and every person I make boards for. Finding out what is going to be the best possible board for them. To take each person as a separate entity, one at a time, case by case; By asking the right questions, and really listening to them…the reality is that it is possible to...

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Hydrodynamics of an Everyday Board

jetstream monsta surfboard shaper todd proctor

In this episode of the American Surfboard Factory,

take a look into the world of hydrodynamics;

the concepts behind what makes a versatile everyday performance board tick . . . and see what it means for you.

Proctor dissects his arsenal of one board quivers known as the Monsta series.

Nick Rozsa articulates in a demonstration that inspires.

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