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Our specialty is connecting each surfer directly with Todd to detail the board that will be ideal for your experience level, style, life circumstances, wave type, goals and body mechanics. Todd will walk you through the seamless process of dialing in the board that's right for you.

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Twin Rascal - featuring more tail rocker, the stealthy shallow swallowtail ‘pizza slice’ so you can get your foot way back, the glass-on True Ames twins with small trailer, single-to-double-to-spiral vee hull contour, flat deck, u-deck, with tapered downrails especially thinned out through the fins for bite and responsiveness. I also placed the fin cluster closer together on this one i.e. by moving the front fins further back and the back fin further up to pull a nice tight arc in turns.


stealthy shallow swallowtail ‘pizza slice’

winged rounded diamond ‘pizza slice’ tail option


Specifically designed for guys in the 200 – 300lbs + range that want a versatile all-around board they can gouge away on….Engineered to thunder down the line like a relentless freighttrain displacing buckets of biblical proportions.

Are you a large human that wants to unleash buckets of biblical proportions?….get more waves and go faster than everybody


Shaper Breakdown


The Supernatural

It’s the latest performance shortboard epiphany. I first heard of this new board when the voice of God spoke into my mind while Beethoven’s 7th symphony resounded within the walls of my skull…the sounds of each in unison speaking of a board I ought to bring to fruition…and that’s how the first Supernatural was birthed.

The Supernatural

…a new board concept descended from its predecessors the Superabound intertwined with the Procco 20/30. It’s the latest performance shortboard epiphany.



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