Surfer Feedback

We love working directly with individual surfers worldwide direct. If you want to read some stoked surfer reports from all over the globe, click here

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An American Surfboard Factory

surfboard shaper todd proctor

One Day at a Time, One Board at a Time, One Surfer at a Time. The story of an American Surfboard Factory and Todd Proctor's shaping journey.

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What is Todd's shaping philosophy?

We believe that a board is not just “a board”. We believe it is so much more…an instrument; a tune; a phrase that finds its balance; it’s peace from the one-ness it harnesses with the rhythms of the ocean

There is something special and otherworldly about a specifically tuned, finely crafted instrument that cannot be mass-produced

So what is it that truly brings forth that “at-one-ment” we all desire?

A thoughtful creator’s hand that cares about ultimate personal enrichment. The kind of personal enrichment who’s rays splay out beyond the...

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A Note about Volume

Keep in mind volume is only one helpful piece of the pie in determining the right surfboard for each individual surfer. Volume readings listed on site are all approximate as customizations such as tail shape, concave deck, channels, hull contours/concaves, etc can all affect final volume readings. Also, volume readings for the same board file can vary from 1 - 2 liters in either direction when using different designs programs. Rocker, concaves and other features have a big impact on what board will be right for you as well.

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