Monsta Series

In this episode of the American Surfboard Factory, take a look into the world of hydrodynamics; the concepts behind what makes a versatile everyday performance board tick . . . and see what it means for you. Proctor dissects his arsenal of one board quivers known as the Monsta series. Nick Rozsa articulates in a demonstration that inspires.

Inspiration to attain to; some recent cam rewinds extolling the eternal grommet-hood of Ricky Schaffer. You’ve heard it said, “Ah the pro’s can ride anything...those guys could ride a door...they could rip on an ironing board.” But what about, say, just a normal, core guy who loves to surf. What does equipment mean for them? Here’s a Surfline cam rewind follow up on the Zipstajet hull design (from our last episode entitled “What was meant for evil”) with our athlete being a 51 year old Southern California male, who rips but is not pro, and who definitely spends his fair share of time in the water...because he simply loves surfing. This is Ricky from Oceanside surfing somewhere up in L.A.