Price Points for Surfboards

In order to offer the ability for complete customization of your surfboard, we have included available construction/fin system/upgrade options on each board product page. You can toggle through & make your selections based upon your needs & preferences. The product prices listed are base prices for clear poly/pu boards. Any upgrade options you select (ie. Proxy epoxy, carbon patches, etc) in the customizing of your board will have prices clearly reflected there on product page and during checkout, and you will see the subtotal adjust as you add custom options. Note that boards are pictured in a wide variety of constructions, artwork, fin systems, carbon/kevlar reinforcements, etc. that may not reflect your final product based upon your particular custom selections. This way if you want a clear poly/pu board you are welcome to checkout for the base price listed and don't need to add any upgrades if you do not want them. Since we build such a wide variety of boards photos illustrate many different options that you may opt to add on or to go without. Questions? email Charissa or 805-658-7659

How Fast can I get my Board?

We specialize in fully customized surfboards detailed directly with Todd for those who desire to discuss their surfing journey with him and fine tune all aspects of their custom boards in a one-on-one conversation. These boards are running approximately 4-12 week lead time with our current level of demand. If you prefer to grab a popular board model with stock dimensions on a quicker basis, you can shop in our 'Stock Boards on the Quick' section where you'll be able to make certain custom choices like poly vs epoxy, dimensions, glassing layup, fin system, carbon patches - but will be more limited in terms of special constructions, artwork & any fine tuning directly with Todd. We are always building batches of our most popular boards/dims here at our factory in Ventura, CA & if you purchase a surfboard in our stock section we'll put your name on it and will usually be able to have it ready for pickup or shipping within about 1-3 weeks. We do no make any guarantees on lead time as a myriad of variables present daily in surfboard production that may affect timelines. We give our best approximate estimates. We always hold to our core value of sustainable excellence and subordinate lead times to this primary objective. You will also see rush options availalbe in the drop down custom choices on each board product page. Charissa will always get in touch with you as soon as your surfboard is ready for pickup or e-mail you the tracking details when it ships out. Feel free to check in if you have questions. Questions? email Charissa or 805-658-7659

A note on Volume

Keep in mind volume is only one helpful piece of the pie in determining the right surfboard for each individual surfer. Volume readings listed on site are all approximate as customizations such as tail shape, concave deck, channels, hull contours/concaves, etc can all affect final volume readings. Also, volume readings for the same board file can vary from 1 - 2 liters in either direction when using different designs programs. Rocker, concaves and other features have a big impact on what board will be right for you as well.

Resin tints & Airbrushes on Epoxy Boards

Keep in mind that epoxy resin is not clear like polyester resin. It has a milky whitish-tinged appearance. You will be able to see more of the texture of the fiberglass on an epoxy surfboard with a resin tint or with any darker color airbrush. If you like a more core handmade looking aesthetic, you'll dig it. But if you prefer a more clear & clean look, you'll want to stick to lighter colors on your Proxy epoxy boards and anything deeper or darker, reserver for your polyester boards. If you select the S-glass upgrade option on your poly glassing (all Proxy epoxy boards come standard with S-glass) - please note you will also be more prone to see the weave of this cloth with deeper, richer colors of artwork on your board. This is actually a good thing as it reveals the high grade materials that go into the construction of your surfboard. If you're not into that, you can stick with clear or lighter colors on your board. We will always build the boards with our top priority being the durability and integrity of the construction. 

Custom Options & Photos of Boards

Keep in mind that we offer a wide variety of customization options, so the boards photos you see throughout the site represent these. When you toggle through the customization options on any given board, you'll be able to make choices about your final product. A board may be pictured with a composite stringer (upgrade), carbon stringer patches (upgrade) or FCSII (whereas you may choose Futures fin system), etc. And therefore the final product will not always look identical to the product photo - based upon your custom choices. Stringer glue colors are only available for poly/pu boards and may vary based upon availability.