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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: Apache tail, the swallow tail, diamond tail, rounded diamond winger tail
  • Construction: can be customized
  • Fins: can be customized

El Pavote (Spanish for 'fat wild turkey')

My current favorite board…..best summed up – easy speed with maximum hold for performance surfing. El Pavote is basically the Falcon model with all the spiral vee through the back half of the board shaped out of the bottom; and replaced with a deep even single concave with subtle doubles running the length of the back 1/3 of the rocker and off the tail block. So….what all that technical jargon means practically is that the El Pavote has more hold off your back foot so you can leave the gas at full throttle through turns, push on it as hard as you like and it will push back and redirect with smooth positive drive not unlike the speed with which demons got the boot from God’s heavenly kingdom at the dawn of time. 

You can get this board with the Apache tail, the swallow tail, the diamond tail, or the rounded diamond winger tail.

shaper’s note:

For effortless skating in weak waves whilst performing devastating fin hucks and buckets like a riot-quelling water cannon.  Ride this board 4-5 inches shorter and 3/4” wider than your standard good waves shortboard.

Ride El Pavote 4-5 inches shorter and 3/4” wider than your standard good waves shortboard.
  • WAVE PREFERENCES: knee high and mushy +
  • FIN CONFIGURATION: thruster or five fin option to ride as tri or quad
  • AVAILABLE TAIL CONFIGURATIONS: Apache tail, swallowtail, diamond tail, rounded diamond winger
  • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: beginner - advanced



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