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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: popular dims in drop downs to right
  • Tail Shape: squash (can be customized in product options area)
  • Construction: customizable
  • Art: Uncle Abe custom art - A Todd Proctor original
  • Fins: can be customized

Da Monsta

I’ve created a monster….no, a Monsta...

The ‘one board quiver’. The most versatile board for waves two foot to just overhead; mushy or hollow.It has become most surfers' "normal everyday board for all conditions".

The only complaint has become, “I don’t ride any of my other boards anymore!”
This new life form is the high performance great grandchild of the Lil’ Rascal….it has morphed, grown a bit sleeker, but has stayed true to it’s roots of blistering speed through its heritage of a shorter, wider, stalkier persona. Where this offspring has matured and pushed past it’s predecessors is in the area of versatility and in-the-pocket mobility.
The Monsta keeps the speed constant….you don’t have to rely so much on the wave dictating where you’ll derive your speed from….the board just goes, yet has the hold of a normal good waves shortboard when you bare some teeth into your turns.

Where the Rascal utilized a spiral vee contour running through the fin cluster, I’ve plowed all those guts out of the Monsta and left one deep even concave with subtle inset doubles running through the fins…as well there is also concave running right off the tail block; we call it the ‘exhaust pipe’. 

Ride Da Monsta 3-4 inches shorter and 1/2” wider than your standard good waves shortboard.
  • WAVE PREFERENCES: knee high and mushy to head high and hollow
  • FIN CONFIGURATION: thruster or five fin option to ride as tri or quad
  • AVAILABLE TAIL CONFIGURATIONS: wide squash, wide hip-squash, swallowtail, thumbtail
  • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: I use different rockers for this board depending on the waves in your area:



Surfer Experience

 the v.1.3 being the most user friendly from novice to expert and working in the widest ranges of wave types and sizes beginner - advanced

Blends the low entry under the chest / flip tip of the Pipsqueak with a flatter run through the belly rocker and some extra tail flip off the back fin. Combined with heavy deep single to inset double concave bottom gives this board incredible small wave drive without compromising a nice crisp whippy feel in turns.

beginner - advanced
the v.1 being the flattest and best for mushy small point surf beginner - advanced
the v.2 has a bit more rocker and can handle the demands of hyperactive rippers who can’t stay out of the pocket, or for surfers who’s local spots tend to be small, but can still be small and hollow at the same time i.e. the N.Y./ N.J. beachbreaks, Newport, Huntington, Texas, Japan, etc…small beachbreaky kind of stuff…found all over really… intermediate - advanced
the v.3 a pockety Monsta with the ‘inverted fulcrum’ rocker shift allowing gravity’s laws to be bent … even broken. Invert yourself. intermediate - advanced
the 'HD' Monsta outline & rails with Hideoscillous rocker & bottom. Ideal for small scale waves; incredible back foot control through on-rail full-speed cutties. intermediate - advanced
the 'Jetstream'
combines the Monsta outline & rails with Jetstream hydrofoil-esque concaves to generate smooth controllable speed - a paradigm shift for surfers of all ages, skill sets & abilities.
beginner - advanced

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