ZipstaJet | Carbon Footprint

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: popular dims in drop downs to right
  • Tail Shape: swallow/squash (can be customized in product options area)
  • Construction: Carbon Footprint | Carbon Rail stringerless = The Carbon Reinforced rail w/ stringerless foam core provides a spring-loaded flex + self-adjusting rocker that form fits to the specific curve of the wave you're riding, adding incredible momentum through maneuvers. 3-5+ x the strength & durability of a poly/pu. 
    • Fins: can be customized


    The latest iteration of our most oft loved “Monsta” model; a favorite for many years. It uses the centerline rocker of the Zipstitch with the outline of a swallowtail Monsta, the exaggeratedly deep and multi-scalloped concaves of the Jetstream and four short channels running off the tail. A nitrous speeder with regulatable turbulence smoothing capacities at top speed ... a board that never redlines, but the faster it goes the smoother she runs.

    (Squash version) 

    Same as the swallow, but instead of using short channels with a swallowtail, it uses a flip in the rocker of the back fin complemented by a squashtail for a more snappier in the pocket controlled tail release feel in turns. Both boards are made out of our proprietary epoxy construction using strategic carbon reinforcements. Never outsourced / no popouts. Made by hand, custom, in the free world.

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