SuperAbound | black zebra stripes in resin

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area (pictured here with pink stringer glue - glue colors may vary)
  • Tail Shape: squash, rounded squash, thumbtail, swallowtail
  • Construction: customizable
  • Fins: can be customized
  • Artwork: black zebra stripes in resin considered by many to be shark repellent (Pete Mendia's logo stickers not included)


A “good waves” dream board. Plenty of rocker with a consistent bend from nose to tail, and lots of concave running the length of the board. The best ‘trip’ board I make, or for when your local spot gets top to bottom.


continuous curve throughout with a steady-running single-to-inset-double concave


from the greek word hupernike, to excel still more

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