SuperAbound | Titanium II | The Eyes of the Lord are Upon You

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area (pictured here with pink stringer glue - glue colors may vary)
  • Tail Shape: squash, rounded squash, thumbtail, swallowtail
  • Construction: Titanium II = High Impact Hybrid Foam Core // [a lightweight virgin bead foam that yields a higher compression strength & has very limited water absorption if dinged & is not so light that itcauses unwanted chattering buoyancy] S-Glass // S-glass is the highest-grade fiberglass available and will make any board significantly stronger. Hybrid/Epoxy resins // engineered for maximum break strength. A hybrid carbon/ kevlar mesh acts as a support underneath the glass for significantly increased compression strength. 3-5+ x the strength & durability of a poly/pu. This one has the added compression strength of the the Carbon/Kevlar mesh top & bottom with flared pattern so nose & tail remain free to flex.
  • Fins: can be customized
  • Artwork: The Eyes of the Lord are Upon You abstract


A “good waves” dream board. Plenty of rocker with a consistent bend from nose to tail, and lots of concave running the length of the board. The best ‘trip’ board I make, or for when your local spot gets top to bottom.

  • Features continuous curve throughout with a steady-running single-to-inset-double concave
  • SuperAbound from the greek word hupernike, to excel still more

Superabound step-up

For gettin’ barrelled. More foam down the middle and under the chest to be able to chase down deep water peaks, and lower volume rails to knife into the wave face. Go get yourself the best view in the house.

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