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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: pictured with traditional swallowtail (other options available)
  • Construction: customizable
  • Fins: customizable (tip: try True Ames twins (Futures or glass-ons) w/ trailer)
  • Art: Periwinkle Purple resin tint w/ cutlaps

T.Rascal [Twin Rascal]

The TRascal surfboard is part Twinny, part Rascal …a fishy outline with the tail pulled in and the swallow not as deep so you can get further back on the tail. The rocker is the flat-to-single-to-double-to-spiral vee of the Rascal, but with more tail rocker in the back third of the board so you can turn a tighter arc. The deck is mowed out flat with a nice u-deck in it so it has a really positive flex pattern you can wind up on. The rails are pinched downrails and the nose is beaked. The twin fins are 7” base, towed and tilted and set an inch further back to eliminate any cavitation at take-off. A fish for the modern era. 

This one pictured with the traditional swallowtail. Also available with the stealthy shallow swallowtail ‘pizza slice’ so you can get your foot way back, or the single-wing narrower tail version makes for easier turning for lighter surfers.

Several fin options as well: the glass-on True Ames twins with small trailer, single-to-double-to-spiral vee hull contour, flat deck, u-deck, with tapered downrails especially thinned out through the fins for bite and responsiveness. I also placed the fin cluster closer together on this one i.e. by moving the front fins further back and the back fin further up to pull a nice tight arc in turns.


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