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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: squash, thumb, swallow
  • Construction: customizable this one pictured with carbon stringer & tail patches
  • Fins: can be customized

Big Chief

Developed specifically for heavier surfers and/or those that surf more off their rail; this is the shortboard you can rip on and not sink on. Heavier surfers and those that grew up surfing during the 80’s era tend to surf more with their rails then off their fins. So the fuller rails of this design are essential for a board that “pushes back” and drives through turns. Increased volume, especially under the chest, affords ease in paddling. A versatile rocker and a single-to-double concave bottom generates incredible speed in the small stuff, yet maintains the essential responsiveness for quick direction changes in the pocket. There’s a slight vee off the back fin that gives the board a positive directional hold through turns.

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