SR-71 | abstract hand brushed

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: popular dims in drop down options
  • Tail Shape: squash, rounded squash, thumbtail, swallowtail
  • Construction: can be customized 
    • Fins: customizable
    • Artwork: custom abstract hand brushed by Todd (one side only)


    Features single-to-double concave bottom for a drivey, predictable feel. Lower entry allows you to get into waves early and gain quick bursts of speed down the line. Good amount of tail rocker bending through the second half of the board makes for a tight turning, top-to-bottom board. Drives of the bottom like a dream and carries it’s speed through turns. An all around performance design that pushes back in waves large and small! 

    Ideal Conditions: Shoulder-high to overhead
    Experience: Intermediate to advanced
    Designed to: Lacerate on rail

    G4-71 Synthesis

    The drivey rocker and predictable bottom contours of the SR-71 with the outline and rails of the more swept back G-4+. A great wintertime and travel performance shorty.

    • DESIGNED TO: lacerate on rail
    • WAVE PREFERENCES: shoulder-high to overhead
    • AVAILABLE TAIL CONFIGURATIONS: squash, rounded squash, thumbtail, swallowtail
    • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES:  intermediate to expert

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