Performance Noserider HPNR | Black & White

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area 
  • Tail Shape: roundpin, squash
  • Construction: customizable
  • Artwork: Black & White abstract
  • Fins: center fin sold separately
  • Finish: sanded satin matte

Performance Noserider

This board features a teardrop outline with a fuller nose to provide drive up front. A lower entry rocker and increased tail rocker keep it quick-trimming off the nose, yet loose off the tail. The bottom has a single concave under the nose that splits into double caves through the mid, and accelerates into a spiral vee through the last third of the board.

A beveled/ chimed rail releases the compressed water from underneath the board giving you a drivey, yet forgiving feel. This bottom configuration puts a V-8 under the hood when your up on the nose, and tips the rail into throttling cutbacks. The best in the line for combining high performance responsiveness with long-time noserides.

For all-around I recommend a squashtail; And for the bowlier stuff, a round pin flows.   

  • FIN CONFIGURATION: 2+1 or 4+1
  • TAIL SHAPES: roundpin, squash
  • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: beginner to advanced

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