GrovelChief | Yellow | pictured at 6'4

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Artwork Option

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 6'4" x 23" x 3 5/16" 56L
  • Tail Shape: wide thumb (can be customized in product options area)
  • Artwork: bright tennis ball yellow (optional)
  • Construction: customizable - pictured with optional carbon patches
  • Fins: can be customized 
  • GrovelChief

    Features wider nose outline and full tailblock for maximum glide and carry, with a less rockered version of the #Falcon2surfboard rocker and bottom for seemless ball-bearing rail to rail execution. Top speed surpasses previous redline markers, and holds a rail like a boss on wings. Feasts on 1-4 foot summer weakness, allowing big dudes to prosper whilst many flyweights can’t even find speed. 

    Engineered to thunder down the line like a relentless freighttrain displacing buckets of biblical proportions.

    Don’t go longer to have the edge on the rest of the line-up….go stouter….THICK IS THE NEW THIN!!

    This board reminds us all to respect the elders of the tribe.

    Are you a large human that wants to unleash buckets of biblical proportions?….get more waves and go faster than everybody

    MonstaChief buckets to tha beach. Allen snags one all the way through on his
    6'5" x 22" x 3 1/8" 50L MonstaChief. Allen is 60 yrs frothing, 230lbs.
    filmed by: Ray Allen

    MonstaChief thumbtail:

    The thumbtail is a great compliment to the more powerful El Niño waves of winter & holds a rail through long arcs on big open faces. Specifically designed for guys in the 190 – 300 lb range that want a versatile, all-around high performance board they can gouge away on… anything from 2 ft. sludge, to overhead throaters. Armed with folkloric dimensions on a grand scale to thunder down the line like a relentless freight train displacing buckets of biblical proportions. 


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