Greased Pig | carbon reinforced swallow

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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: swallow, hip squash
  • Construction: customizable (carbon stringer patches optional/add in custom drop downs to right)
    • (pictured as) Proxy epoxy Ridiculite = The unique construction of the “Proxy Ridiculite” series (Ultralightweight reinforced w/ carbon stringer patches) yields a board that self-adjusts its rocker to fit the changing curve of the wave. This ‘suspension system’ creates increased torque and drive leading into, and following out of, maneuvers. This construction is ideally suited to waves slightly overhead & under. The future of surfing is boards with self-adjusting rocker that form-fit to the curve of the wave, making your second, third & forth maneuvers bigger and more powerful; even though the wave may be losing momentum, your board will be gaining speed.  Stronger than a standard poly/pu & crazy light. (If you like the idea of Carbon reinforcement on the stringer but don't want Ridiculite or Teamlite, just choose a stronger construction in the drop down options)
  • Fins: can be customized (pictured with FCS II)

Greased Pig

A speed machine for chest high waves and smaller; this is the type of board that you drive like a race car….it’s going fast so all you gotta’ do is hang on and steer. It has a low entry rocker for quick paddling, ease catching waves, and increased lift in small/ flatter faced waves. The bottom has a slight rolled vee in the nose to a single concave through the belly that transitions into a pronounced spiral vee that increases off the tail. This hull design carries excellent trim speed and gives the tail a very free feeling in the small stuff. The rails are fuller and boxier with forgiving edges that are softly blended into the bottom. Ride this board 2-3 inches shorter, 3/8” –1/2” wider, and 1/16” thicker than your standard “good waves” shortboard. Everything the high performance shortboards do in good waves this board does in the crud. Available with the original single wing/ stinger swallowtail, standard swallowtail, or wide hip squash.

Shaper’s note: it is unreal on small days and still rips when the waves get decent to good as well. I have been doing more of them recently with a few new tweaks and the board is just a truly classic easy to ride, quick to get speed drivey, big buckets fun machine.

Greased Pig II

This is a slightly changed-up, finely tuned child of the original Greased Pig. I slightly increased and smoothed out the entry rocker and took out all the vee through the bottom; running instead a single concave with subtle inset doubles that funnel through the length of the board. By removing the vees and replacing them with concaves, the board becomes much more versatile and can handle bigger, hollower sections with more hold, drive and responsiveness through maneuvers. It is not meant to replace the original Pig; as the original I believe is still the go to board for weak, mushy waves where you want maximum speed on trim between maneuvers. The Greased Pig II fits the bill for those who loved the original, but want something with a little more hold in critical sections and that can handle some pushier waves as well.

Same re-dimensioning applies… 2-3 inches shorter, 3/8” – 1/2” wider, and 1/16” thicker than your standard “good waves” board. Also available with the original single wing/ stinger swallowtail, standard swallow, or wide hip squash.

Greased Pig v.3

This one is the same as v.1 rocker & bottom but with a sleeked up shortboardy outline and instead of swallowtail, has a subtle hip to pulled-in swallow. This one works best as a swallow. Glides through sections.

Greased Pig v.4

The Greased Pig v.4 is a more aggressive and versatile design than that of the original Greased Pig. I added more curve in the entry rocker to allow for tighter surfing in the steeper areas of the wave, while keeping the original rocker through the midsection and off the the maintain its drivey, speedy glide through the slopey bits. The hull contour now has a single concave running from the nose through the middle, then splitting to a double concave through the fins with a subtle spiral vee off the tail. This provides a wider open sweet spot that caters to a broad variety of styles and stances; as well as predictability in a wide range of wave types and conditions. The tail has been pulled in to give the board excellent hold on rail all the way through fully committed arcs. The nose outline has also been pulled in with a more constant curve from nose tip to front fins. This also allows the board to pull smooth, tight arcs in turns. Overall a very versatile everyday board that loves everything from two foot and slopey to overhead and throaty.

Greased Pig HD

Hideoscillous rocker & bottom. Ideal for small scale waves; incredible back foot control through on-rail full-speed cutties. Versatile, user-friendly summertime easyrippin’ performance board. Moderate to low drivey rocker, yet still nice and whippy. A board you don’t have to think too much on…it just goes like a horse out tha gate. Works great as a swallowtail if you want to keep it looser and hip squash is where it's at for a more pivoty snappy feel.

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