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Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 6'0" x 18 7/8" x 2 7/16" 28L 
  • Tail Shape: rounded squash [most versatile tail shape]
  • Construction: Poly/PU [standard 2 x 4oz deck / 4oz bottom] with carbon reinforced tail
  • Fins: Futures fin system thruster install - Lightboxes [fins sold separately - 20% off with board purchase]

Flyin' 71 (synthesis of the longtime favorite G4-71 & new Flyin' Lion)

an easy running, drivey, versatile everyday performance shorty that will grovel crumbly bumblers, yet gut hard and deep when it’s pumpin’. 

The Flyin’ Lion places the steepest point of the rocker between the center of the board and the front fins, making for an extreme bubble or apex point in the curve of the board between the feet. Both the stringerline rocker, rail line rocker and outline have the majority of curve placed behind center and through the back of the board. Complemented by a lower entry rocker just ahead of the front foot, accelerated sweeping tail rocker and a jetstream concave cutting through the back half of the board, bisecting the added extreme rocker in the tail. This creates a board with the feeling of a giant ball-bearing between the feet. The entire concept is as if you took a reverse vee rail line but then cut through all the hull contours with one deep deep accelerating jeststream concave that reaches its deepest point at the front fins. A board that has a feeling of continuous on-rail motion taking natural lines that run cross-grain to the natural pull of the water flow on the wave face; letting you gain drive by a board that intrinsically wants to go hard on rail and turn grippy yet responsive in the steepest parts of the wave.

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