Bullet Single Fin | Cathedral

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Product Specs

Ever glide along at full tilt speed trim and feel like your weightless? The Bullet gets you there.

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: roundtail
  • Construction: customizable
  • Fins: center fin sold separately | Single fin, tri-fin, bonzer, quad, 2+1, 4+1
  • Art: Magenta Purple resin tint with cutlaps t&b  (optional)
    ***Please note that epoxy resin is not clear like polyester resin. The foam structure & S-glass used in fabrication of our epoxies yields a stronger more durable product. Due to these factors, traditional full length resin tints with cutlaps have a much more mottled, hazy and organic final aesthetic than traditional polyester/pu boards do. The edges do not cut as clean & you can see the fiberglass & patches more visibly. Resin tints on poly/pu boards appear more clear and smooth, while the epoxies appear more organic & a bit more rough. Many people like this look as it conveys the nature of the handmade, high grade composite components of the boards. However we like to make surfers considering an epoxy resin tint board aware of this distinctive appearance. You will notice there are very few places in the world where you can order a custom epoxy surfboard with traditional resin tints. We are stoked to make this option available to you. If you like a more organic look you'll be delighted. If you're looking for a spray booth style, more plastic wrap look you won't dig it.

    Bullet Single Fin

    Some people say, “Man, I’m tired of wiggling….I’m tired of my board sticking….I wanna go fast, I wanna feel free to speed and arc out my turns where I wanna.” These same people also say, “I don’t want to think no more ‘bout having to surf technical and perfect in the pocket….and having my board punish me if I don’t…..someone gimme a bullet.”

    The bottom runs a single through the middle under the front foot for a positive drive off the front foot when the waves are small….then it splits to double barrel concaves ahead of the fins, and finally to a spiral vee through the front fins and pronounced vee off the tail. This incorporates the smooth flow of a traditional vee bottom (which is very free and forgiving and tippy rail to rail….and which also gives the tail a nice free brakes are off feeling instead of the sticky backfoot feel that can be common in traditional single to double concaves. Basically it combines the a flatter more traditional rocker with a synthesis of modern concaves placed into the traditional vee bottom….which gives the board much more horsepower and hold while still maintaining the classic free and easy feel under the feet.

    • WAVE PREFERENCES: knee high, mushy and blown to ribbons, to overhead glassy barrels
    • FIN CONFIGURATION: single fin; 2+1 or 4+1
    • DESIGNED FOR: fast, free single fin retro ripping with a twist of modernity thrown in
    • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: low intermediate through advanced





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