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An extreme combination of modern hull contours produces the glide of ‘free-friction’ between turns which intersects with the hold of a back foot ‘clamp’. A pedal-to-the-metal bear down of ultimate gougeability through maneuvers.

The ugly duckling that transforms into a swan when you step foot on it. A small wave board where ‘free-friction’ meets ‘ultimate gougeability’ in a marriage of perfectly complementing design concepts.

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: wide squash
  • Construction: can be customized
    • (pictured as) Proxy epoxy Ridiculite = The unique construction of the “Proxy Ridiculite” series (Ultralightweight reinforced w/ carbon stringer patches) yields a board that self-adjusts its rocker to fit the changing curve of the wave. This ‘suspension system’ creates increased torque and drive leading into, and following out of, maneuvers. This construction is ideally suited to waves slightly overhead & under. The future of surfing is boards with self-adjusting rocker that form-fit to the curve of the wave, making your second, third & forth maneuvers bigger and more powerful; even though the wave may be losing momentum, your board will be gaining speed.  Stronger than a standard poly/pu & crazy light. (If you like the idea of Carbon reinforcement on the stringer but don't want Ridiculite or Teamlite, just choose a stronger construction in the drop down options)
  • Artwork: blues tail tint bottom wrap rails / clear deck (stringer patches top & bottom)
  • Fins: customizable (tip: bigger fins give more drive)


ie. Hideous Oscillations
from the Latin root hideous to the eye, yet one possessing beautiful oscillating motions in the water. 
The old adage ‘looks can be deceiving’ & ‘true beauty lies within’ are the driving forces of this unassuming possessor of great character. I have been pondering a new paradigm for rockers & hull contours for over three years now. The days pass & I’ve continued to grind out & refine existing concepts … all the while knowing something new was coming. A groaning of enlightened concept awaiting a bursting forth. Why did I wait this long? Well, things must germinate … and I didn’t think I could draw in CAD what my mind saw … I would need to hand shape the prototype. A new balanced/centered rocker, moderate entry, low tail rocker, with heavy heavy tow board-like concaves running nose-to-tail & dynamic steep drop rocker concave running dual inset bonzer-esque caves which exhaust straight off the tail block. The outline, width & thickness determine the wave type.
This one – the Hideoscillous, transforms small point surf like no other board I’ve made ’til now it feels like the board rides on air – no friction – yet corners on rails (as hard as you can push it with no slipping) & balances lip release with perfect control. I may go so far as to say that this new rocker & steep concave bottom can be placed on any outline & foil anywhere to increase the horsepower of any board five-fold. 
Ride approximately 6″ – 7″ shorter, 1 1/4″ wider & 1/8″ thicker than your good waves performance shorty. 
The ugly duckling that transforms into a swan when you step foot on it.
  • FIN CONFIGURATION: thruster or five fin option to run as tri or quad.
  • WAVE PREFERENCES: small weak point break surf to head high and barreling
  • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: beginner to advanced

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