Pipecleaner | maroon red with racy black rails

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Product Specs

For gettin’ barrelled. More foam down the middle and under the chest to be able to chase down deep water peaks, and lower volume rails to knife into the wave face. Go get yourself the best view in the house.

  • Dimensions: can be customized in production options area
  • Tail Shape: roundpin
  • Construction: customizable
  • Fins: can be customized
  • Artwork: maroon red with racy black rails


A gun for hollow, powerful barrels. This one has a rolled vee in the nose that transitions to extreme, accelerated panel vees through the tail to feel right at home when hangin’ deep with the foamball. Working with Tamayo Perry at the Pipeline test tunnel is an exciting time for this board model.

Experience: Intermediate to Advanced

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