Powerbroker XL Proctor Fiberglass Tri Fins - MADE IN USA

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Proctor Powerbroker XL MADE IN THE USA Fiberglass Tri Fins


Introducing HANDMADE in the USA, 🇺🇸 CNC custom Proctor Power Broker XL Fin template in solid bright white pigmented fiberglass, just rolled off the presses..... These fins will all be made right here in our own town. Super-tuned high performance foils.

The extra large base makes for a fin with tons of drive, while the top half of the fin is foiled out, making for a tip with plenty of recoil through the second half of turns, and a planshape that's not too bulky through the top half so you get the best of both worlds - plenty of drive & speed off the bottom, yet whippy & thwangy in the lip.

This is what's called a high-aspect fin designed around power surfing with controlled release. It is made from one solid piece of fiberglass so you have no compromised seam associated with the bonding of the fin to the base.


My vision for this fin harkens back to the era when all boards were glass-ons, solid fiberglass with solid bases attached right into the bottom of the board. A seamless design function. These new fins have a bigger base than typical large thrusters, yet a tip with less area in the top half of the fin.

Also the fiberglass used is standard 4oz, nothing too stiff or rigid. A solid foil around the base for unparalleled drive but with tips that are very foiled out so the rebound of the fiberglass can be felt as it recoils faster out of turns than the foam-filled /  RTM construction of the outsourced hexcore  fins. The base and fin are all constructed as one unit during the CNC process.

This gives the fins a sturdy, glassed-in feel, and makes them resilient to cracking along the base over time. And how it rides? = Drivey as all get out, but with controlled release and a whippy feel through the second half of the turn, carries maximum speed and will hold a long rail arc without feeling stiff, but instead responsive and springy.

There’s nothing quite like good ol’ fiberglass when it comes to drive, hold and springy controlled release. Enjoy something better, and get where you wanna go with more life and longevity. Yeeew!! Limited edition high aspect fins. Not mass produced, but precision crafted in the USA. 


A template for maximum drive complemented by controlled fin release. The flat foil caters to positive hold in fully committed rail carves. Perfect for surfers 165-250+ lb.

  • Perfect for bigger guys & power surfers

  • XL Base for increased drive & hold

  • Base: 4.75 in, 120.65 mm
    Span: 4.75 in

  • Keep in mind that these Power Broker Futures fins are handmade and have the biggest possible base for maximum drive and hold. So you'll notice that the center fin especially comes right up to the screw. Just use care and be gentle as you drop it in and screw into place and you'll be fine. They do fit snugly. The big base is what makes them special. And just make sure you never overcrank the screw, just slowly turn until you feel some resistance and then stop so as not to break the tip of fin or strip out screw hole.


  • LARGE - XL TEMPLATE || Larger base, rakier tip is really good for creating a lot of drive and holding a rail in turns.  I design a lot of drive into my boards using fast rockers and concaves that force the water through the hull contours of the board....this efficient water flow creates both speed and grip - so you don't have to use small fins to reduce drag to try and create speed.

More positive hold and drive off the bottom with springier release out of turns; anyone and everyone will notice the difference.

The best surfing starts with a strong power base; the fundamentals; turns that use both the fins and rails in conjunction with one another. If you rely on simply pushing your fins around, then you are missing out on half the dynamic fun of aggressive surfing.....and you are even missing out if you are a "non-aggressive happy-speed-gliding" kind of surfer. The best way to tap in and harness speed is by using fins that have the right amount of base to create leverage and drive when you push that rail over; however hard or light you push your rails through turns doesn't matter.... what matters is that you still get the same effect from a fin with some base to it - what you get is "get up and go"," speed", "drive", "control", "bigger sprays", "loftier airs", etc....it ranges the gamut and it's positive stuff. Don't get robbed by riding fins that don't have enough base, instead, get on some fins that bring the juice and turn up the froth.


Flat foiled fins break free sooner, and are better at controlling speed. Often surfers prefer them in fast powerful surf where they do not need to create additional speed. If you have muscle memory from riding glass-ons, flat foiled fins will feel the closest.





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