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A flatter rockered, slightly fuller templated outline compared to the Monsta. This board also features a pair of unique slot channel concaves running through the fins and bending out to the rail, exiting the single wing behind the front fins. The combination of these two design elements gives this board a nice balance of drive accompanied by a crisp pivot with controlled release off the back foot. A small, to average waves, more whippy counterpart to the Monsta. This one specially suited for bigger surfers comes in MonstaChief dimensions.

  • Dimensions: 6'3" x 21" x 2 3/4" 38L
  • Tail Shape: wing swallow, roundtail, wing diamond
  • Construction:  Carbon Footprint | Carbon Rail stringerless = The Carbon Reinforced rail w/ stringerless foam core provides a spring-loaded flex + self-adjusting rocker that form fits to the specific curve of the wave you're riding, adding incredible momentum through maneuvers. 3-5+ x the strength & durability of a poly/pu. 
    • Also pictured with Ridiculite layup including carbon patches (optional)
  • Fins: customizable (tip: bigger fins give more drive)


a one-of-a-kind new creation; not based off any existing board models.

The original concept was intended as a mid-range grovel board for smallish-scale California summer surf …it has become so much more than that.

When I first embarked upon this new drill, few expectations were placed on the Pipsqueak because I honestly wasn’t quite sure what the result was going to be….reason being it is a surfboard designer’s melting pot of sorts; an introduction of a multitude of new design variables all puzzled precariously and seemingly randomly together; a gently forced convergence upon one hapless little board. 

Typically, I’ll take an existing model, introduce one new aspect of design to it, and viola, see what happens….move in a direction i.e. the “design process” = “slowly”, “accurately”, “safely”…and so on and so forth…that story unfolds itself.

However, this Pipsqueak grew on it’s own from the ground up….

It didn’t involve the scanning of an existing shape; no start point; not even a foam blank or planer…a blank screen/ a clean is my strong-willed child birthed during a one hour design session on a blank computer canvas.

I began to draw and draw – dropping in points, connecting curves to them….a flat flat rocker with an unreasonably low entry // bringing back a ‘flip-nose’ at the tip // short, wide, thick on the rail, flatter deck, heavy heavy concaves (like a tow board) // it has a saggy rail line rocker through the back half of the board I affectionately refer to as the “beerbelly”; a concept which makes for a smooth-swiveling ballbearing-like effect resulting in a super quick-turn-response in the area of the wave where the water is surging fastest (at the energy source where maneuvers should happen) // introduced a ‘step-channel’ exiting a wing off the trailing edge of the front fins = to accelerate all that compressed water into the mainframe of the board’s engine while exhausting it an even faster ratio =

The essence of the new shape =

no matter small and slopey and no matter steep and deep….we have a new top speed, grippy, compact, volatile control, acrobatic launchpad co-mingled with the power of classic railwork….a user-friendly board for drawing classic lines and/or the most complex surfing possible, from two foot to double overhead…

Roundtail Pipsqueak =

A great board for powerful surfing in less than ideal conditions, yet has the versatility to hold in and run clean in waves with steepness as well. Very drivey with hold, yet has a nice crisp release in the lip.

Typically you want to ride this board 2” shorter, 1/2” wider and the same thickness as your good waves board.

Volume is carried into a fuller boxier rail and wider nose and tail. Great summer-time gouger.

  • FIN CONFIGURATION: thruster or five fin option to run as tri or quad.
  • WAVE PREFERENCES: great board for powerful surfing in less than ideal conditions, yet has the versatility to hold in and run clean in waves with steepness as well
  • AVAILABLE TAIL CONFIGURATIONS: wing swallow, roundtail, wing diamond
  • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: beginner to advanced 

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