Pavarotti | carbon reinforced | optibright yellow (optional)

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It’s a new addition to the lineup this year. It’s called the #Pavarottisurfboard it’s a high performance uber-groveller, but it’s also is a great all around everyday board that catches waves easy with a fuller nose and lower entry rocker. Ridden roughly the same dimensions as a #Monstasurfboard or an inch shorter. IT MAKES YOU SING IN A WHOLE OTHER OCTAVE.

  • Dimensions: popular dims in drop downs to right)
  • Tail Shape: swallow
  • Construction: customizable 
  • Fins: Futures or FCSII
  • art: optibright yellow / black racy rails

I think I may have worked out an algorithm for that sweet steady spot in the wave that lets your pause for a second while the board’s rocker locates the launch pad for that first quick burst of speed at take-off.

Design wise there’s a flat ‘plate’ in the centerline rocker running from the centerpoint up about 7” towards the nose. It places a small planing area right under your chest perfect when paddling into little nuggets. It also creates a drivey little glide spot just ahead of the front foot. Next ask was for the board to have crisp tail release and a pockety pendulum kind of ball bearing swivel to it. So for this I took the original #Monstroscillous rocker, lowered the entry and then added tail rocker through the last 18” of the tail. And lastly it needed the grip and glide of the #jetstreamsurfboard hull but with an engine that would engage even while light-footing it...a common thing to do in smaller and weaker waves. And now what uniqueness for the wave pool? Have you noticed that pool waves have little to no water getting pulled from the flats ahead of the wave. The normal ‘trough’ energy of the wave is nonexistent since water is only being thrust forward by use of a giant scoop or foil or plunger. So there is energy being thrust forward but no energy being pulled into the wave face like an ocean wave. Traditional hulls have to be kept in a tighter zone on the wave face...unless you carve out the bottom of the board so that it can generate speed out of flats where there is no energy being produced by the wave. So...just a few thoughts about what goes into the new #Pavarottisurfboard

Oh yeah the outline is stout, but not bloated; it’s halfway between a Monsta outline and a #Hideoscillous outline. And it’s called the Pavarotti ...well... because it makes you sing ... for joy in a range of octaves you never imagined possible.

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