Stock Boards on the Quick

If you're eager to snap up a board on the quick & don't want to wait for a custom detailed directly with Todd, you can purchase from this collection of stock boards regularly going through our production for the showroom  -

  • ie. usually available within 1-10 weeks instead of the standard 12-24 week turnaround we are running on customs. All lead time estimates are approximate & no guarantees are made about actual final turnaround times.

  • You can still select your preferred dims, tail shape, construction & fin system. But other customizations & conversations with Todd are not included with this option.

  • As soon as we receive you're order we'll tag your board with your name & provide tracking details as soon as it ships or contact you for pickup if you prefer that option.
  • If you know what you want & don't want to wait long, this option is for you. For questions feel free to contact Charissa at 805-658-7659 or