MonstaChief 6'5" 48L | READY TO SHIP
MonstaChief 6'5" 48L | READY TO SHIP MonstaChief 6'5" 48L | READY TO SHIP MonstaChief 6'5" 48L | READY TO SHIP

MonstaChief 6'5" 48L | READY TO SHIP

$ 975.00

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 6’5” x 21 1/2” x 3 1/16” 48L
  • Version: Flat (versatile)
  • Tail Shape: round thumbtail (drivey & more rail line) or squash (most versatile)
  • Construction: Poly/PU [4oz S-glass patch layer + 4oz deck / 4oz bottom] with carbon reinforced tail
  • Fins: Futures fin system 5 fin install [fins sold separately - 20% off with board purchase]


Specifically designed for guys in the 190 – 300 lbs + range that want a versatile all-around board they can gouge away on… anything from 2 ft. sludge, to overhead throaters. Taken from the original monsta design, this board is armed with folkloric dimensions on a grand scale. For instance, the flagship of the line boasts 6’4″ x 21 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ with full, boxy rails; a 14″ wide nose and 17″ wide tail.

Engineered to thunder down the line like a relentless freighttrain displacing buckets of biblical proportions.

Don’t go longer to have the edge on the rest of the line-up….go stouter….THICK IS THE NEW THIN!!

This board reminds us all to respect the elders of the tribe.

Are you a large human that wants to unleash buckets of biblical proportions?….get more waves and go faster than everybody

MonstaChief buckets to tha beach. Allen snags one all the way through on his
6'5" x 22" x 3 1/8" 50L MonstaChief. Allen is 60 yrs frothing, 230lbs.
filmed by: Ray Allen

Shaper’s Note:

The uniqely refined rocker and distinct concaves of the MonstaChief allows it to catch everything super easy (other people in the lineup actually get a bit disgusted with how many waves people are able to catch on this board), and the heavy concave under the front foot combined with a flatter area in the rocker between the feet provides a one of a kind performance that allows for incredible speed off the front foot, but with powerful turns that hold through when you jam on the tail to rail it through. I have been doing a version of this board with a slightly more pulled in tail actually lately quite a lot from people requesting just that….and the feedback is very good for quicker turning. I’m pretty much sticking to the wider tails for surfers wanting plenty of planing area mostly at mushier waves spots.

Ride the MonstaChief BIG ... talk to Todd about some Biblical proportions that are gonna be the e-ticket for you
  • WAVE PREFERENCES: knee high and mushy to mega & throttling 
  • FIN CONFIGURATION: thruster or five fin option to ride as tri or quad
  • AVAILABLE TAIL CONFIGURATIONS: wide rounded squash, wide hip-squash, round/thumbtail
  • RECOMMENDED RIDER TYPES: I use different rockers for this board depending on the waves in your area:



 the v.1 even single with inset doubles to slight vee off the back fin. a predictable drivey feel that caters to a front footed approach
the 'HD' deep single to super deep single with inset double bonzeresque concaves through the fins, with single concave running off the tail block; “exhaust pipe”. Ideal for small scale to full throttle waves; incredible back foot control through on-rail full-speed cutties || available up to 6'8"||


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Customer Reviews

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